100 Club

To help generate vital funds to keep Nefyn Sailing Club running, a 100 Club is run every year.  The money raised helps to keep membership and race fees low.

The rules of the 100 Club are as follows:

  1. One ticket costs £25.00
  2. There is no limit to the number of tickets one person can buy
  3. One ticket equates to one number in the prize draw
  4. The prize draw is held at the Nefyn Sailing Club Annual Dinner each August
  5. The numbers are drawn at random in front of all attendees of the Annual Dinner
  6. The cash prizes are based upon the distribution of 50% of that year’s income. For example 128 numbers equates to 6 x £25, 8 x £50, 8 x £100, 1 x £250
  7. The first six numbers to be drawn win £25 each, the following eight numbers to be drawn win £50 each, the following eight numbers to be drawn win £100 each and the final number to be drawn wins £250

All records are kept by Mervyn and Lynne Greenhalgh.

Anyone wanting a number in the 100 Club is asked to complete the below Bank Mandate form and pass it to their bank.  Please also notify Mervyn & Lynne Greenhalgh via nefynsailingclub.secretary@gmail.com

Download a Bank Mandate form


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