Season 2, Episode 1 

Dear All, 

I hope this letter finds you well and in good spirits. You’ve made it through lockdown 3, well done. 

It’s been a cold, long, relentless winter for many. Luckily, I have been fortunate enough to have access to the mythical NSC Commodore Chronicles. One ex-commodore goes on, at length, about the power that comes with the role; another about the unspoken promises that you must uphold! This got me thinking, as I am not really one for power or promises, but more so positivity and optimism. Therefore, I declare NSC 2021 open!

Making this announcement has indeed made me feel a little more powerful, a step in the right direction. Yet, it is true that Mark Drakeford, Boris Johnson and Covid 19 do indeed have the power to top trump. They may ‘fun sponge’ our plans, and ‘hoover’ the optimism from this letter in due course, but let’s, for now, radiate some cheer, think positively and go forth in planning the season. 

I am pleased to share the news that Victoria and Lewis Drinnan are pregnant and expecting in mid-July. This is very exciting; we are delighted for them and cannot wait to have a new beach gang member. Wisely, Victoria has pre-empted the forthcoming increased levels of responsibility, therefore handed over her Hon.Sec duties to the willing volunteer Amy Swash. 

Some sad news, Ken Townsend (NSC Commodore in 1975) passed away peacefully aged 99 in 2020.  The Townsend family have had a cottage at Mynydd Nefyn for 57 years and sailed a Snipe with NSC. We send our best wishes to the Townsend family.

Whilst the annual news update has been a little thin on the ground this year: not to be overlooked is the new beach cafe! Only to be outshone by the new breakwater ladder, a big addition to the joy of jumping off.

Here’s to a bright summer, a summer where boats are rigged, horns hoot and flags fly. Even if NSC has to run with a few Covid quirks then so be it. 

With love – Ali Thackray – Prout

2 thoughts on “Commodore

  1. The new format could save the club and Hon Sec a fortune in postage and effort to disseminate club news if all members can be persuaded to sign up with their e-mail addresses.
    Tom McHale

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