Lady Commodore’s Letter 2010

2010 Commodore – Nicky Dymock

Looking forward to seeing you all on the start line!

28 March 2010

Dear Members

Although one swallow does not make a summer, it seems that one week of heavy snow does make the worst winter in 30 years; let’s hope this only bodes well for swallow sightings in the coming months.  I do hope you have all fared well over this cold winter and are beginning to feel that spring is on its way.  In preparation of this very important year as Commodore, Alex & I moved to Manchester this winter, purely in order to be closer to Nefyn.  As a result, we’ve had more than our fair share of terrible weather but as I type, the sun is pouring in through the window of our apartment.  Our rear Commodore, James Greenhalgh and family have also migrated north from Budapest to Brussels obviously to be closer to Nefyn too.

It certainly seems that Nefyn has suffered this winter.  For those who have not been down since last summer, following endless downpours, there have been a few landslips on the west side of the beach.  This has resulted in a number of relocations, not least in Lady Commodore being uprooted from the usual beach hut, 2010 location tbc.  No wonder Jane Spencer left for fairer climes.

Winter Blues Cruise

Two well-known, fair maidens escaped the worst of the winter weather by sailing from Southampton to Singapore.  I am not of course referring to Nefyn’s answer to Ellen MacArthur and her mate (as I’ve never witnessed these two deck dollies putting sails up in my life!) but Mum & Jane Spencer, who enjoyed the decadence of Queen Mary II for 4 very happy weeks.  I believe Sue & Paul Rees have also spent some of the winter ‘down under’ visiting Sam, Keith, Riley & Noah out in Perth, Australia.  No doubt many of you have managed to get away too.

Whilst others have been lucky enough to be away sunning themselves, some hardened members have been in training over the winter.  We have a budding Ben Ainslie in our midst as I hear that Josh Davies (son of Mike Davies, Porth Dinllean Lifeboat Coxswain) has been in training over the winter months with Edward Downes and been selected to sail for Wales, which is fantastic news (I just missed out due to administrative errors I think!!!). I am sure you will all join me in wishing him well for the future and we hope to see him join our illustrious fleet this summer.


I am very pleased to announce the recent engagement of Lady Gill Oxley of Wilmslow, Cheshire to Mark Halloway also of Wilmslow, with the Cheshire Life Wedding of the Year planned for later this year. Many congratulations to you both.

Sian Rees had a baby boy called Merryn James Rees-Emery in January and any moment now we are expecting the birth of “Storm” Spencer!!  We wish Jon and Susie the very best of luck with everything and look forward to another welcome addition to the ever-expanding “beach gang”, which will include Higson Junior, with Andrew and Helena expecting their second in September. Great news, well done to you all.  Goodness only knows what these terrors will be like in 15 years time (hopefully nothing like their parents or we are in for trouble!).

The Munros have had their fair share of drama lately with Ian needing an operation in January so a big kiss for him and best wishes for a speedy recovery ready for beach time this summer.

The news of John Wakeman’s death comes with great sadness; he very sadly passed away in December. Our thoughts and sympathy go out to Brenda, Sue, Sarah, Jane and family. John was a large part of life on Nefyn Beach and he will be sorely missed.

Great Adventures

However old we get, we still love monkey-ing around, look no further than our great leader President Big Jim Seaman as a prime example. Another example is Ali Thack, who has joined the orang-utans in the jungles of Borneo; following in her big sister’s footsteps. Ali is doing her bit for Raleigh International and building a kindergarten in Sulit Paitan with the help of keen youngsters, all gaining many fantastic and rewarding experiences. If you’d like to keep up with Ali she’s on (Expedition 10A, her group is Alpha One). No doubt her new found skills will be put to good use back on Nefyn beach clearing landslides, pulling my trolley, cleaning Godzilla…….

New Ventures

It has been two years since my Father and former NSC President, Guy Seaman, so sadly passed away. Over the winter months we, as a family, have been considering adding a race to the card in his memory. As many of you will know, Dad and his very best mate Snooks were not big fans of engines, speedboats or jet skis – always opting for a more sedate “classic boat” such as Aber Dabber or Jacaranda. That said the experience on board wasn’t always “sedate!!”

I’d like to propose a classic boat race to include vessels of seafaring condition i.e. Tim Broadhurst’s Mirror/any other Mirrors/Graduates/Drascombes/Wayfarers/Optimists etc of a certain age i.e. 20 years + (details to be finessed in the next few months).  Anyway, the gist of it is, the more the merrier!  The Higson family have very kindly donated a cup and the date of the race is to be confirmed. With a high performance racing series like this weight is a crucial issue. My advice would be to take ready-mixed gin and tonic instead of beer in order to tip the balance in your favour!! One thing is certain; the course will be plotted on an AA roadmap.

Behind the NSC scenes

Last but not least, I’d like to thank all those who continue to work tirelessly for the Club after the hut doors close at the end of the August Bank Holiday weekend.  Principally our secretary Brian Higson, who despite moving and renovating their new house this winter, has still managed to successfully keep the Club in order.  The rescue boat is maintained, the Club hut is being restored and the Committee kept in order (as far as is possible).  Thanks also go to Becky Greenhalgh and other officers for their continued service out of hours and behind the scenes to keep our Club ship shape.  Your efforts do not go unnoticed, thank you.

Finally in the words of Susie Spencer, “please all pray to the Sun God that we get a scorcher of a summer” and I very much look forward to seeing you all on Nefyn Beach from the 31st July onwards.  Keep an eye out for that swallow on

With best wishes,

Lady Commodore

NB Don’t forget pink, heels, big sunglasses & get ready for a glam summer on Nefyn Beach – girls too 😉