Commodore’s letter 2011

March 2011

Dear Members,

After a winter that saw snow settle on Nefyn beach, and record low temperatures across the UK, I’m particularly pleased to be able to share with you the official long range forecast for the summer, and it’s a good one: “The Lleyn Peninsula can expect prolonged sunny weather with temperatures in the mid to late 20’s each day. Our latest air movement

prediction software suggests only light breezes each morning, building to a more energetic wind between approximately 2.30 and 4.30 each afternoon, before reducing to calm airs for the evening. On the rare occasions that precipitation is expected, it is a statistical certainty that any rainfall will only occur overnight. While this forecast can be published with some certainty for the northern coast of the Lleyn Peninsula, it is considered extremely likely that the traditionally warmer southern coast will have an unusually cold, wet, almost desperate August.” So there you have it. As I say to Amanda each summer, this year is going to be the one you’ve been waiting for!

There is much other good news for me to share: Gill Oxley and Mark Halloway married in November at a lavish do attended by some very well heeled guests and a few Nefyn-ites. Amy Louise Higson arrived safely last September to brighten Helena and Andrew’s lives, while Team Inman have now arrived to start their new adventure in New Zealand – regular updates are promised via the Higson Newswire service.

Simon and Victoria Gill are on final countdown before their contribution to the Nefyn Beach crèche arrives in early April – good luck guys we wish you all well.

In other news, Alex Dymock is leaving Credit Suisse in order to set up a ‘boutique wealth management fund’ – I believe this is code for becoming a Loan Shark. In more troubling news, James Partington has been forced to find new accommodation after a short lived experiment in communal living with Susie and Jon Spencer. Rumour has it, the emerging Bro-mance was called to halt by a jealous Susie, and bemused Zac.

Looking ahead to the August, with a sense of anticipation not seen since we all wondered: ‘Who shot JR?’ we only have a few short months to wait before we discover ‘Who will light the fire?’ With his Vice Commodorial duties meaning he’ll be otherwise engaged on Hog Roast night, we wait to see who Simon Peck’s chosen successor as NSC’s Chief Firestarter will be. Perhaps it’s the need to search for rumours and speculation on Twitter and Facebook that has led Dave Peck to join Brian Higson in joining the ranks of the Smart Phone Generation. Now I know why Dad has announced he ‘needs’ an iPhone.

It has now been confirmed that this year will be the last for the current Lifeboat Station, with a complete redevelopment needed before the arrival of the new Tamar class boat in 2013. The Porthdinllaen RNLI team are already planning various events for Porthdinllaen beach on the day of the Lifeboat Bay race, so it should be a great one. Any ideas as to how we might increase our activities would be gratefully received. In order to maximise the numbers of entrants for the Gill Relay Race, John and I discussed the possibility of moving the timing of the race from its traditional slot on the morning after the dinner, to a busier time when there are more small boats are on the beach. Details are still to be confirmed and for that reason the race is not included in the Race Card, details will be posted on the Club noticeboard and website in due course.

Finally, I would like to thank all those who keep the club running once the Sherry Party is over, particularly Brian Higson who has been chasing, liaising and organising on all our behalves – Thank You. I’m really pleased to confirm that Brian has secured the brand new Nefyn Community Centre for our AGM (I suggest arriving early for a good nose around). As this is the last year of the current 100 club subscription, someone from Greenhalgh Incorporated will be contacting current 100 club members by email over the next few months with an invitation to renew. I know that Mervyn and Lynne would appreciate as many members as possible renewing before August, so please don’t wait until August if at all possible. I hope you have wintered well, and are looking forward to Nefyn 2011 as much as Amanda, Lucy, Thomas and I.

Until we meet again in Nefyn, I hope you have a safe and fun 2011.

Mark Davies


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