CADET DAY 2: Young guns storm the beach!

We’ve been blessed with some great weather over the last couple of weeks, and we enjoyed near perfect conditions for a junior sailing day yesterday.


With 3 Picos and 2 toppers to play in (kindly lent by NSC members!) the kids split into 2 groups and had a test sail in pairs.

The test sail was a benefit to everyone, as we could assess the level of sailing ability, and see if a race was feasible, while the kids were able to properly get out and test themselves.

The course was set for an out and back reach to a temporary marker. A couple of capsizes occurred in the strong Force 3, but everyone was still smiling and the 3 rescue boats were straight to the scene to help out.

The crews swapped over, and we were given enough confidence to run a relay race, with 5 teams of sailors racing against each other.

IMG_5029 (1)

The start saw a crew from each boat run down the beach to their waiting boat and helm.

The sailors then raced out to the extended marker buoy and confidently sheeted in hard for the blast back in to shore.


Once back in shallow enough water, the crew sprinted back up the beach to high-five the next crew.


Florence and her two crew Maria and Matilda were eventual winners following a fantastic sail. Note to some members old and young that Florence and her team spent the last two days of light airs perfecting their capsize drills! “Champions do extras” – as the saying goes.



Special mentions also to Hattie, Matilda and Anna who all had a capsize or a tough experience, but were still smiling at the end and keen to sail.

Many congratulations to all the young sailors who took part. It was fantastic to have seen 19 new sailors having a go at the sport – many for the first time. The club also gained some new members as a consequence.

Huge thanks to all the adult volunteers who coached, ran rescue boats, held boats for the race and generally helped to make it a really positive experience for everyone.


More Photos below


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