48th Annual Dinner Dance 2016 – the aftermath!

The dinner is always a special highlight in the calendar, and the 2016 edition was no exception. Congrats and thanks go to all you 2016 party animals who rocked the Nant!

So many memories (hazily returning for some!) to list; A poignant, witty and reflective remembrance of Margaret Harris, Ian Munro, Barbara Kershaw and Mike Jones from our President Richard George. The invasion of the Mary Berry’s! A beautiful Sunset to match the beautiful people!! Vice Commodore cleaning up at the 100 club (what’s the secret Adrian?!) A dancefloor full of energy and representatives of all generations of NSC members.


Richard George did a great job setting the tone of the evening and reflecting on the sad passing of club members this year

The Invasion of the Mary Berry's in their lovely marigolds!!

The Invasion of the Mary Berry’s in their lovely marigolds!!


A slightly subdued dancefloor towards the end of the night

Commodore works out how to deliver her speech in her new outfit

Commodore works out how to deliver her speech in her new outfit

Mervyn and Lynn : )


Thanks to everyone who came along to make it such a memorable evening. Special Thanks to Nicky Dymock who pulled together a rocking setlist of Nefyn floorfillers, and our VP of Transport (who can take the roll permanently now – congrats) Amanda Davies who ran the Coach brilliantly.

Thanks for the wonderful gift of my Nefyn Sailing Club Cushion. It’s a lovely reminder of a wonderful experience being Commodore. It’s a great honour and while it’s a lot of work, it is also incredibly enjoyable – and there’s still a couple of weeks left : )
Have a browse through the rest of the photos here.

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