Hamish and Tony triumph in the rain

As Lloyd Grossman used to ask on the hit (?!) daytime reality, C-list celebrity show Through the Keyhole – “Who lives in a house like this?”

Step outside into steady rain and balmy August temperatures of 13 degrees, you’re left wondering;

“Who is mental enough to sail on a day like this?”… I think we all know the answer.

Despite the conditions, we’re pleased to have seen a doubling of the fleet from races over the last few days.

OOD Paul Rees set a fun figure of 8 course for the Single-Handed Race.


Hamish Fowler took the honours in the Single-Handed Ernwood Challenge in the Laser 2000 and Tony Haines won the Partington Cannnon.

Massive thanks to OOD Paul Rees and Rescue Team of Sue and Nick who were still smiling after a good couple of hours out on the water!


Hamish pulls back into the beach after a successful afternoon


The fleet emerges from the murk!


Thanks to Sue & Nick for completing a cold but valuable shift on rescue


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